Open Flame, No Chimney & 100% Efficient

Our “Open Flame” Flueless Gas Fires are hand made in the UK at our North East factory. These modern fires require no chimney or flue system, are 100% energy efficient and easy to install. This award winning flueless gas fire has featured on TV and is approved to the stricter CE standard for 11 different gas types and can be installed anywhere in Europe. All our Flueless Gas Fires have an open flame due to our unique gas burner, there is no need for catalytic filters or a glass front. Our flueless gas fire range includes many installation styles.

Installing a CVO flueless gas fire in your home will help to reduce your overall gas heating bills and improve the efficiency from your primary heating (gas boiler) system. Running costs start from only 11p/hour. When compared to other heating flueless gas fires are 70% cheaper to run than per Kw of heat they produce than electric, wood or bioethanol.

View The CVO Flueless Brochure Here