The STUFE-90 balanced flue gas stove by CVO Fire is manufactured to a very high standard and is available in various colours and with either a front only or double sided (see through) styling. This modern gas appliance is easy to install and use. The gas stove is supplied as a completre free standing fireplace design which requires just a flue pipe and gas supply adding. Operated by a battery remote system. These high efficiency gas fires are room sealed and operate using a special concentric flue pipe system that draws in fresh air from outside and sends the exhaust back outside. By using a gas stove instead of a wood burning stove for your heating requiremnents you can save up to 70% on your running costs for the same amount of heat. To discuss energy saving and heating costs in deatil please call our sales team.

The STUFE-90 frameless balanced flue gas fire features contemporary design styling and is manufactured to a very high standard. See the technical specification below for heat outputs and dimensions or download the full A4 brochure with prices and technical drawings.

Shown Below : STUFE-90 , single sided, white casing with Logs.

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This is a room sealed, high efficiency gas appliance, no room air ventilation is required. The fire operates with a special concentric flue system . The combustion air is drawn in from the outer tube and the exhaust is taken away by the inner tube. By heating the incoming air using the exhaust additional energy efficiency is achieved. These modern energy efficient gas fires meet all the current SAP codes for homes built to new energy codes.


The fires are supplied to site as a complete package with everything included. Other companies advertise cheap fires then add many optional extras which are standard on our products. We supply all the parts with the fire so installation costs are kept to a minimum. We can supply the flue pipes with the fire ensuring the correct flue specification is used and keeping installation costs to a minimum. The fireplace logs we supply are manufactured in Europe and are realistic looking. The Glass on our fires is 5mm think and this ensures no damage during installation. We supply an access door with all our fires, this allows the remote system to be located away from the fire and accessible for servicing. All our fires are fitted with a special heat recovery system which maximises the heat generated by the fire and returns this to the room. There are many design styles and sizes available.