Our stunning range of contemporary gas fire bowls are surprisingly versatile and are adaptable to a wide range of fireplace installation styles. Gas Fire Bowls can be used for “hole in the wall”, traditional, double sided, centre of room, fire table and corner fireplace designs. There are 12 different fire bowls in the range in a selection of sizes and finishes. Bowls are available to purchase to suit existing fireplace installations or as part of a complete CVO fire design. Please note that the small oval gas fire bowl does not need an air vent in the room to the outside.

CVO FIRE created the gas fire bowl concept in 1999. All assembly work is done at our factory in the UK and bowls are manufactured to a very high quality and are very reliable. For example a large oval gas fire bowl has been installed in the Epernay Bar in Birmingham since 2001, operating 7 days a week and this fire still looks as good today as the day it was installed. Our stone fire bowl, aluminium fire bowl and bronze fire bowl designs are made to an exceptional level of craftsmanship with a flame quality unique to CVO. Using Ceramat gas burner technology which creates an undulating sparkling sea of blue incandescence to gentle peaks of yellow flames. Winner of the Prince of Wales Design Award.

Our Gas Fire Bowls are the choice of top architects and designers around the world who demand high quality, reliable products. Fire bowls can be seen in many top hotels, wine bars and restaurants but are widely used in homes as part of a traditional or contemporary fireplace. Installation options are unlimited so call us to discuss your plans in detail.