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Balanced Flue Gas Fires

On the following pages we showcase each of the balanced flue gas fires in our range. The range includes front only versions with glass on one side and double sided versions with glass on two sides to create a see through or tunnel style to divide a room. A description of each fire is below the image. For further details on balanced flue gas fires please call 01325-301020 or e-mail your request

Balanced Flue Glass Fronted High Efficiency Gas Fire

The image shows the 3 Sided VENEZIA balanced flue gas fire with logs.


Balanced Flue Gas Fires Explained:

The term balanced flue comes from the flue pipe that is used. This is a very special type of flue system that has an outer pipe which carries fresh air and an inner pipe which acts as an exhaust for the fireplace. Balanced Flue Gas Fires are classed as room sealed appliances as the air for the burner is supplied by the flue pipe. This means that all balanced flue gas fires must have a glass front and cannot be modified in anyway (unlike an open flamed gas fire). Balanced flue gas fires typically have energy efficiency rating of 75% or higher. When comparing energy efficiency ratings between appliances ensure you are looking at “like for like” figures. Some companies quote Gross Efficiency while others quote the Net efficiency. The CE standard that the fire was tested to may also have changed.


All our Balanced Flue Gas Fires can be installed in to an existing chimney using our special Flue Renovation Kit, saving cost on the pipes and overall install, ask for details.

Technical Details :

Balanced Flue Pipe

Shown here is a section of balanced flue pipes showing the two pipes. We supply the pipes with the fireplace top ensure you have everything you need to complete the installation. Contact sales to request a survey form and order form so you can order the pipes with the fire.

Do not use energy efficiency as your main reason for choosing between appliances; relatively speaking they are all the same. Your choice should be made based on the Kw rating of the appliance. The larger the size of the gas fire appliance the higher the Kw rating (or power) will be. This is because the flame cannot be stretched out so more power is needed to maintain a visually appealing fire. A 10Kw gas fire with 75% efficiency will give 7.5Kw into the room. This is similar to adding 3 new radiators to the room. Some companies sell fires that are bigger than our largest model the 1300mm and in some instances where customers have bought large fires they have ended up not actually using them.


Speak to our sales team about balanced flue gas fire technology as we can guide you to the most suitable fireplace for your home and circumstances. Call 01325-301020