Built in Bioethanol Fires

Built in bioethanol fireplaces can be built into a non-combustible chamber to create a flush mounted fireplace design. There are many bio ethanol inset fire styles and finishes available to suit whatever style of bioethanol fireplace you want to go for. Each of our inset bioethanol fireplaces shows the outer dimensions of the fire to calculate the required fireplace opening. The inset bio fire must be mounted with the fascia/trim on the wall and the body built in to the wall.

If you decide to go for a built in fireplace, bioethanol really is the way to go. Although you do have to purchase fuel to run your inset bioethanol fire, it runs at maximum efficiency to make sure all the energy is used as heat. Not only can this bring your heating bill down, our built in designs are sleek and modern that fit perfectly in the wall so they don’t need lots of extra room or get in the way. Our built in bio fireplaces are slightly different to our wall mounted fireplaces as they don’t protrude from the wall.

All of our inset bioethanol fires are designed and manufactured in the UK and are tested to comply to the latest safety standards. Featuring state of the art burner technology, you can be sure your new built in inset fireplace will last you as long as you need it to.