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Frequently Asked Questions.

Please call our Sales Team on 01325-301020 for full technical help on any standard or bespoke fire design.

  • Where can I view your products?
    • IN OUR SHOWROOM : Our Retail Outlets are called the “FIREVAULT”. For further details visit the showroom web page.
    • IN COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES: CVO gas fires and bio-ethanol fireplaces are also installed in many Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Tourist Locations around the UK. We have a page with a full listing of properties.
    • We also sell our fire to Europe – please ask.
  • What makes the way CVO sell fires unique?
    • All of the gas fires – including a contemporary select range of bio-ethanol fires – are sold, designed and manufactured here in the UK at our Factory. Unlike a Retail Showroom which sells gas fires from a wide number of manufacturers we only sell the CVO Brand. This ensures we are offering a high quality fireplace which is British made.
    • If you are offered a gas fire from a typical UK Retail outlet then the products you are offered will be from a range of manufacturers. The retail outlet will promote the fire which enables them to make the most profit from you the customer. This profit comes from the level of discount the manufacturer has given them. This is why you will see many brands sold online with discounts. The manufacturer’s standard discount is reduced for an online sale.
    • However you have to ask why is the fire so heavily discounted? This is because the products you buy will have an inflated sales price over what the retailer has actually paid the manufacturer to buy.
    • Retailers tend to promote the brand that does the most for them, not you the customer.
    • At CVO we decided to build a high quality product and offer this to our customers at the price it costs to make – simple. There is no over inflated pricing structure or hidden costs.
    • What you are buying is a hand made contemporary fire designed and built in the UK and delivered direct to you the customer.
    • When you visit our Firevault showroom you will be speaking to a member of the CVO staff. They have no bias towards one product or another hence your guaranteed to be given sound advice on the most suitable gas fire or bio-ethanol fire for your property.
  • Why do you not offer and install service?
    • We sell direct. Our customer base includes both commercial and domestic clients. Most of the high volume customers we have use their own installers.
    • In the early days of the business we had an install team however as we sell direct a high portion of our customers had their own fitting teams on site while they were doing other property development works.
    • This meant it was not cost effective for us to have our own fitting teams.
    • Any gas safe registered engineer can install our gas fires. In fact to install a typical flueless gas fire takes about 1 hour.
    • We have a database of installers around the UK who have installed CVO gas fires before and we can give these contacts to you upon request so you can get a competitive quote.
  • Can you do a Bespoke Design?
    • We have designed both bespoke gas fires and bio-ethanol fires for clients around the World. To say anything is possible is maybe going too far however we will give it a go. If you have a special design requirement then please call us or fill in our online form with details of your requirement.
    • Examples of our Bespoke Designs can be found here
  • Should I buy a Gas Fire or a Bio-Ethanol Fire?
    • You have to ask what you want achieve with your fire.
    • If you are in doubt please call and ask us for unbiased advice on the most suitable choice for your home.
      • Gas Fires:
        • Low Running Costs.
        • CE approved for safety.
        • Built in safety features.
        • Installation costs can be high:
          • Cheapest to Install = Flueless gas fire
          • Most Expensive to Install = Balanced Flue gas fire.
      • Gel Fires:
        • Low installation costs.
        • High running costs (x20 of a gas fire per kw)
        • No CE approvals.
        • No Safety Feature.
        • Health and Safety Issues of filling and lighting.
        • Health and Safety Issues with storing fuel.
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