Do Flueless Gas Fires Need Ventilation?

Yes, flueless gas fires require an air vent to be installed. The fire burns oxygen from the room to ensure that the flame is clean. As the fire uses a small quantity of the air from within the room this must be replaced by fresh air supplied by the wall vent from outside. If the air vent is the wrong size and does not supply enough air or becomes blocked all together after a period of time the volume of used air will reach a level where the pilot will operate to shut the fire off. This is normally shown by an increase in noise from the pilot. This is why every flueless gas fire has a minimum room size and a minimum specified volume of “free air” that must be supplied in to the room. We supply high-quality vents for around £40 that ensure you do not get drafts, it is just a trickle of fresh air. You must never block the vent up otherwise the safety device will operate and shut the fire down.