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Flueless Fires and Fireplaces by CVO

Flueless or

[no chimney fires] can be separated into two groups depending on the chosen flue type – Gas or Bio-Ethanol. These fires have a living flame but do not need a chimney [or flue pipes as used by balanced flue fires] to be installed within the property. The choice can be made by reviewing the Pros and Cons of the different fuel types.

GAS OR BIO-ETHANOL? Below are a few important points:

    • FOR: Easy to use, 100% Efficient, Live Open Flame [no glass], still the cheapest way to heat your home per Kw of heat generated, many choices and styles of finish. These flueless gas fires are tested to strict CE approvals and have safety devices. easy to use and install. From 5p/hour running cost.
    • AGAINST: The only downside with these flueless gas fires is that they need an air vent installed within the property.
    • FOR: These flueless fires use gel or ethanol fuel instead of gas and are suited towards homes where there is no option at all to use gas. They are cheap to buy, easy to install, use, and are for more for decorative purposes than heat output and best suited to low use applications due to the running costs.
    • AGAINST: No safety devices, not tested to any regulations, need to be topped up using fuel bottle which means storing flammable liquid at home. Very expensive way to heat your room, X20 more than a gas fire. 100p/hour running cost. Can cause condensation due to moisture within the fuel.

At CVO Fire we can supply both styles of flueless fires however you will find most companies sell only one fuel type and give a very biased view towards their own products. Our Sales Consultants are trained to ask the correct questions and listen to the customers’ requirements before advising what is the most suitable option to use. Why not call us today to discuss your fireplace needs, you can also download our full brochure and price list direct from the web site.

Use these links to review the fireplaces that are available:

CVO® : The CVO brand of fireplace has been at the forefront of gas fire and fireplace design since 1999. We design, manufacture and retail our own unique designs. We specialise in using high specification cutting edge technology and lifestyle design practices to create very unique and desirable fires and fireplaces. All manufacturing is done at our factory in the North East of England, none of our fires are imported from the far east like the majority of fires sold in the UK.

Flueless Gas Fires (No Chimney required)



Our unique gas burner technology ultra clean burning with a beautiful dancing flame. This wall mounted fire design is available in many different styles and finishes.

  • 100% Energy Efficient – Running Costs from 7p/Hour.
  • Choose from Natural Gas 2.7Kw or 3.5Kw, LPG 3.5Kw.
  • Manual Control.

View our range of Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fires.

Flueless Fireplaces



Shown left is a picture from a customer’s home showing our award winning flueless gas fire inset into the wall. This was achieved using our special flueless inset system. The recess system is available for any flueless gas fire within the Angel, Classico or Moderno ranges. This is ideal for customers who want a flush mounted fire. It is advised to discuss your plans with a sales advisor before considering this style of installation.

View our range of recessed flueless gas fires with TV above.



Choose from a wide range of surrounds in either Stone or Wood. This range of beautiful traditional fireplace surround with an open flamed flueless gas fire is the ideal replacement for a traditional fireplace. If you have an inefficient inset fire with a surround, remove it block up the chimney, fit a CVO flueless suite and benefit from 100% energy efficiency and award winning designer styling. The only flueless gas fire on the market with an open flame.

View our range of Traditional Flueless Gas Fire Packages.


Bio-Ethanol (or Gel) Flueless Fires

These fires have been designed for properties where there is no option to install a chimney or a gas supply. Burning Eco-friendly Bio-Ethanol fuel these fires are very easy to install and operate. Our fireplace designs have been created to provide a real source of heat to warm a room quickly.

FRANCESCA - Hole in the Wall Gel Fireplace


Bio-Ethanol Fires There are over 40 flueless bio-ethanol fires in the range including wall mounted, free standing, burner trays and fire table designs. These flueless Fires are suitable for indoors and outdoors.

To view the complete range of CVO Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces.



FIREVAULT® : Winner of Store Design of the Year (2001) by Retail Interiors : Our contemporary retail fireplace showroom (the Firevault) is based in the North of the UK. For details click on the Firevault logo. In each of the fireplace showrooms you will find a wide selection of our standard fireplace designs for homes with and without a chimney and our friendly sales consultants are on hand to help you choose the most suitable fireplace for your property.