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How to Install a Flueless Gas Fireplace – Installation Notes.

Flueless Gas Fire Installation Requirements – Guidance and Advice.

Regardless of who the manufacturer is Flueless Gas Fires require the following

    • Forget the rubbish you may have read or been told. Modern high quality flueless air vents do not cause drafts and do not take heat out of your home. A modern vent will cost you around £40.
    • Flueless gas fires require an air vent in the wall to provide a natural source of fresh air – in to the room – it is not to take heat out of the room.
    • There is also a myth that the air vent will cause drafts in the room. This is not true as modern air vents are designed with baffles and a shield on the outside to prevent drafts. When choosing a vent for your home to go with your flueless gas fire always select a high quality vent.
    • The size of the air vent depends on the Kw or power rating of the fire. The larger the kw rating of the flueless gas fire the larger the air vent. The minimum air vent allowed in the UK must supply 100cm2 of “free air”. This is not the actual vent size it the the volume of fresh air it will allow in the room. A high quality vent manufacturer will specify this to you when you buy. Better still buy the vent supplied by us with your fire as it will be matched to the fire.
    • Every flueless gas fire has a “minimum” room space that it can be allowed to be installed in. This is quoted by the manufacturer as the minimum volume based on width x height x depth in cubic metres.
    • As long as the room is the same or larger than the “minimum” the fire can be installed.
    • The larger the kw rating of the appliance the larger the room will need to be.
    • We suggest buying our 2.7Kw flueless gas fire if your room is less than 100m3, if it is larger then you should purchase the 3.5kw version.
    • Flueless gas fires cannot be installed in bathrooms or basements (unless the basement is open on one side)
    • Flueless Gas Fires are designed as a secondary heat source.

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Gas Fire Installation and Servicing

All flueless gas fires must be installed and serviced by a GAS SAFE Registered Engineer. The Engineer will survey your property and ensure that all requirements of the Installation Manual are met to ensure your flueless gas fire is installed safely. All GAS SAFE Engineers are regularly audited by GAS SAFE to ensure they are working in line with current regulations. We recommend that all gas fires are serviced every 12 months. This should be done regardless of how often the gas fire is used. There are number of issues which can effect a gas fire functioning correctly and safety – blockages in the gas pipes, gas leaks, chimney blockages etc.

Common Faults and Installation Issues

Flueless gas fires are built to strict CE regulations and are very reliable when installed correctly. Below are some very common causes which will stop a flueless gas fire functioning. When the safety device starts to operate it will first become noisy before shutting off the fire. This can happen quickly or many hours later. This indicates an install fault and we advise not using the fire until it has been checked over.

  1. Gas Pressure – a common cause of a flueless gas fire shutting down while it is operating is that the gas pressure is incorrect. High gas pressure will also make the pilot noisy. A low gas pressure will be more noticeable when switching on other gas appliances within the property like boilers etc as a drop in pressure will mean that the safety device will shut the fire down to protect you or there will be a build up of soot on the burner. Contact Transco or your gas supplier regarding upgrading your gas pipe work or have the meter checked.
  2. Room Ventilation Blocked or Wrong Size Air Vent – All flueless gas fires require an air vent fitted within the room providing a quantity of free air to replace the air used by the fire. If this air vent is blocked, not the correct size or is positioned too close to the fire, the safety device will shut down the fire to protect the user. Do not use the flueless gas fire until a Gas Safe engineer has checked the air vent.
  3. Room Size incorrect – All flueless gas fires are quoted with a “minimum” room size. If the gas fire is operated in a room smaller than the required minimum then after a short period the safety device will operate and shut the gas fire down. Check the appliance specification and the dimensions of your room, if it is too small, do not use the fire.
  4. Other Points. – All flueless gas fires sold in the UK are supplied with an installation manual. This shows how to fit the fire to comply with the CE approval and to to ensure it is safe. There are no corners that can be cut. The booklet must be followed to the letter. The warranty will be invalid if the fire is wrongly installed, more importantly it may be dangerous. When a fire is installed by a GAS SAFE Registered Engineer he will issue you with a completion certificate, he will also show you how to operate the flueless gas fire.
  5. ODS Safety Device – Flueless Gas Fires have an excellent safety record. All our flueless fires have a ODS unit fitted which will shut the fire down if the oxygen levels in the room reach a dangerous level. This will operate if there is a problem with the installation. If a flueless gas fire shuts down after running for a number of minutes check the installation booklet to ensure the requirements have been met and get a qualified gas engineer to check the installation before using the fire again.