Freestanding Bioethanol Fires

Our range of Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplaces can be used as a stunning feature attraction in a room, or where possible, installed into an existing fireplace opening. With a range of modern designs, by investing in a freestanding bioethanol fire you can create an unforgettable centrepiece for any room in your home. Our range of bioethanol fireplaces includes a selection of flueless grates along with a choice of various geometrically formed flueless gas fire designs. These freestanding bioethanol fires include the beautiful CVO Firebowl which has been specially adapted to be used as a Flueless Bio-Ethanol Fire.

Our free standing bioethanol fires are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so long as there’s appropriate ventilation. If you’re unsure whether a freestanding bioethanol fireplace is for you, check out why you should choose a bioethanol fireplace. Featuring the best burner technology on the market and tested to ensure 100% safety, buying a freestanding bio ethanol fireplace is great for traditional and modern homes alike.