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Customer Installation Private Residence : KIAH FIRE

Installation Requirements:

  • Air Vent providing 100cm2 of air ventilation (this is not the vent size, it is the “air” volume it provides)
  • The Air Vent must be over 1m away from the fireplace.
  • The room must be over 30m3 in area.
  • A good gas supply which can maintain 20 mBar of pressure when all gas appliances in the home operate.

Description of this example installation

  • The existing inset gas fire was removed and the fireplace opening blocked.
  • The Kiah Fireplace is supplied with all the parts required.
    • Install the hearth.
    • Fit the backing plate to the wall and secure the fireplace wall bracket.
    • Secure the surround to the wall.
    • Hang the flueless gas fire on the wall bracket.
    • Connect gas and comission appliance.
    • Add the stone fascia to the fire.
    • Thats it – all done.
  • The owner can benefit from 100% energy efficiency, 2.7kw of heat in the room and running costs from 10p/hour.
  • To discuss installing a flueless gas fire in your home please call.


Existing Gas Fire to be removed

Chimney Blocked Up.

New Contemporary Flueless Gas Fire Installed

All our contemporary gas fires are designed and manufactured in the UK.
Our range includes contemporary and traditional fireplaces for homes with and without a chimney : flueless gas fires, chimney fires, balanced flue gas fires, high efficiency gas fires and ethanol fires.

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