CVO Fire on TV.

CVO™ fires have been featured in our own TV adverts and adverts for other home furnishing companies. They have also been used in many UK “home makeover” programs like Grand Designs and The Home Show. A CVO bio-ethanol fire bowl was also featured in the video of pop artist Lemar. CVO fires have also featured in many Hollywood films and a circular gas fire bowl was recently installed in a $15 million home of a famous Hollywood director.

  • TV Advertising – ITV
    • Our TV advertising started in September 2011.
  • C4 – Grand Designs
    • Series 4 – 19th Century Sandstone House / Edinburgh – JPL Architects
    • Series 6 – Designer Bungalow / Maidstone – Jo Tarling (Owner) Web Site
  • C4 – The Home Show with George Clarke
    • Series 2 – Bushy Heath Property
  • Lemar – Pop Video – “The Way Love Goes”

Shown Below: The Home Show – Series 2

The Home Show Fireplace

Shown Below: Grand Designs

Gand Designs Fireplace

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