Customer Installation : CVO 1000 Bio Ethanol Fire


Description – This designer fireplace was created in the Old Tom and English Bar, London. The Old Tom & English is a unique restaurant & Bar serving modern British food, vintage cocktails & carefully curated wines in a specially designed space occupying an 18th century basement in the heart of Soho. The fireplace was created using our bio-ethanol burner tray which was incorporated into a custom made enclosure and surround.

To view the fire installed in this unique venue in the heart of London give us a call or visit our website .

Parts Supplied – CVO1000 Bio Ethanol Burner Tray

CVO 1000 bio ethanol burner

CVO 1000 bio ethanol burner

CVO 1000 bio ethanol burnerThe CVO-1000 burner tray is ideal for locations where there is no gas supply or chimney. This 993mm long Bio Ethanol Ribbon Burner uses clean burning liquid bio ethanol fireplace fuel to provide up to 6kW of heat. The tray is supplied with a safety tray and is manufactured from high quality brushed stainless steel. This modern bio-ethanol ribbon fire includes special matting which improves the flame quality and extends the burn time – saving fuel.

The burner has been designed with a large glamorous flame and with a tray capacity of 3 litres and will burn for approx hours 4 hours on full. The burn time can be extended by partially closing the lid to reduce the flame size, also saving fuel and reducing the heat output. This burner tray is available with a wide range of standard single or double sided enclosures in various finishes.

Overall Dimensions = 993mm W x 193mm D x 50mm H.s available in various natural stone finishes and also polished bronze. The gas fire is supplied as a complete kit of steel enclosure/gather and stone lining. The gas burner is operated by a mains controlled fully sequential remote system. This is to make installation very easy and straight forward.


All our contemporary gas fires are designed and manufactured in the UK.
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