Bio Ethanol Burner Box (Large)

Bio Ethanol Burner Box. See image for full dimensions of tray. Up to approximately 3 hours burn time. The tray includes ceramic matting to improve the burn time and reduce running costs.



Bio Ethanol Burner Box – Large. The burner includes special matting to extend the burn time, saving money, and also to improve safety.

    • Large = 451mm x 148mm.
    • See image for full dimensions of tray.
    • Tray Capacity – 1.5 Litre.
    • Running Time – Up to approximately 3 hours burn time.
    • Heat Output – 2kW.
    • Burner includes matting.

This bio ethanol burner tray is for use in custom or DIY fireplace designs. The tray can be used inside a fireplace opening to replace a fire grate or as part of a full bespoke fireplace design. If designing your own fireplace care should be taken for clearance to combustible materials and the fireplace chamber must be constructed of non-combustible materials – if in doubt read our technical data sheet.

Bio Ethanol Burner trays are available in sizes from 300mm to 1000mm wide. We are able to supply a wide range of standard enclosures to go with the burners in various finishes – black steel, brushed steel and polished steel. These are available in either single or double sided (see through) versions. See complete range of burners on web site. We are also able to manufacture bespoke burners and fireplaces. Call for details.

Our range of flueless Bio Ethanol Fires includes many different design styles and finishes. These bio ethanol fireplaces are 100% energy efficient and require no chimney or gas supply for installation. Choose from wall mounted fireplaces, hole in the wall fireplaces, freestanding fires, bio ethanol fire bowls and bio ethanol burner trays. We have heating solutions for use indoors in winter for heat and outdoors in summer for use on patios and terraces.

These modern fireplaces use liquid bio ethanol fuel for fireplaces which is a renewable energy source manufactured from plant waste. All of the fireplaces are easy to install, these fires provide an effective heating solution with a real flame and real heat. The burners include a sliding lid which can be used to regulate the flame, reduce the heat output and extend the burn time. The handle is also used to turn off the flame. These fires are ideal for apartments & homes where installing a permanent fireplace would be expensive.

Additional information

Air Vent

We recommend a source of fresh air ventilation.

Fuel Type

DeNatured Bioethanol Fuel

Efficiency Rating


Running Time

Up to approximately 3 hours burn time

Tray Capacity

1.5 Litres

Enclosure - 400H x 300D x 600W

None, Black Steel, Brushed Stainless Steel, Polished Steel, Double Sided, Black Steel, Double Sided, Brushed Stainless Steel, Double Sided, Polished Steel




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