Recessed Fireplaces

Our flueless recess system allows us to build our open flame flueless fireplaces into a wall. This can allow for the installation of a TV above the fireplace or other clever use of the space. With no need for a chimney or flue system, you can create a contemporary look that’s easy to install.

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The images above and below were supplied by Ben Huckerby Design, Leeds, LS11 9NP

Recessed Flueless Gas Fire - Classico - Standard - Limestone with TV above
Recessed Flueless Gas Fire - Classico - Standard - Limestone with TV above
Recessed Flueless Gas Fire - Classico - Widescreen - Limestone with TV above
RECESSED FIRELINE in bespoke surround and stainless steel recess plate
RECESSED FIRELINE in bespoke surround and stainless steel recess plate
tv above fireplace
cream RECESSED FIRELINE set in cream recess plate
white RECESSED FIRELINE fireplace

What Is a Recessed Fireplace?

Our open flame flueless gas fire can be built into a wall to offer a recessed gas fire, thanks to our recessed gas fire system. We offer the recessed fireplace option with the Angel, Moderno and Classico models of our fires. Our recessed flueless gas fire uses a clean-burning system so that the flue isn’t required and it’s easy to install and build. Being able to recess the fireplace into the wall offers a smooth profile and is excellent for saving space. It’s especially useful if you want to hang something about the fireplace, such as a wall-mounted TV.

How Does the Recessed Gas Fire System Work?

A recessed flueless gas fire needs to use an air vent which is located in the same room as the fireplace. However, no flue or chimney is needed for it to operate. It’s an energy-efficient system, cheaper than electric, wood and bio-ethanol. We use special gas burner technology, which ensures clean burning and doesn’t require a filter or catalytic converter. To ensure the fire is safe, it has an ODS pilot system fitted, which monitors oxygen levels in the room and shuts off the fire long before any real problems can occur. To install a recess gas fire, the room needs to be large enough, have an air vent and have a gas supply. The emissions will escape through the air vent.

Gas Fire Recess System Technical Details

We have three different sizes of system available for your recessed fireplace, depending on which design you choose. The measurements are 1040mm x 1025mm, 1200mm x 947mm and 1410mm x 1025mm, which is the overall size of the recess plate. We upgrade the recessed gas fire system with special features to ensure it is safe to be installed within a wall. When planning to install a recessed gas fire, you should contact our sales team to discuss your plans first. This will help you to determine whether your intended installation site is suitable. We also advise you to buy an air vent at the same time to ensure it fits.

Recessed Fireplace Designs from CVO

Our recessed fireplaces are available in the AngelModerno and Classico models.

  • The Angel model is available in either black steel, cream steel or stainless brushed steel
  • The Moderno model has a satin black interior and thick natural stone fascia
  • The Classico model features a stone fascia and mirror interior, with a range of fascia options.

Explore the range of recessed fireplace designs available and get inspired by our gallery of images for how you could install your recessed fireplace. Contact us to find out more about the possibilities and how we can make your fireplace dream, a reality.