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Small Oval Gas Fire Bowl – Picture Gallery

Click Here for Full Technical Details of the Small Oval Gas Fire Bowl

gas fire bowl

white stone sample
black stone sample
aluminium sample
bronze sample
White Stone
Black Stone

gas fire bowl

aluminium firebowl hole in the wall gas fire



small oval white cast stone gas fire bowl

Bowl in White, Black & Sand Coloured Stone

white coloured stone firebowlfirebowl in black coloured stonesand coloured firebowl

Double-Sided Enclosure with Bronze Large Oval Bowl (available for Small Oval)

solid bronze firebowl see through gas fire

Small Oval Fire Bowl White in Black Steel Enclosure with Limestone Trim

hole in the wall gas firebowl

Small Oval Aluminium Fire Bowl

small oval aluminium gas firebowl

Small Oval Fire Bowl in White Enclosure

white cast stone firebowl hole in the wall setting

Small Oval in Anubis Surround

Anubis traditional fireplace suite with white firebowl

NB: You can use the small bowl in an existing Surround and Hearth Installation. Refer to Specification Sheets

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