Technical Help and Fireplace Guides

On our website you will find many technical files, drawings and guides to help you choose the most suitable fireplace for your property. These are listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for please call as we can e-mail documents.

Selecting a fireplace depends on a number of critical requirements and careful consideration needs to be taken of all factors that are involved like looks, efficiency, running costs and installation Costs. Each different style of fireplace has plus and minus points. As we manufacture our own gas fires and have models to suit all requirements we can give you the correct advice either over the phone or in the showroom to guide you towards the fireplace that matches your requirements. Independent fireplace retailers will guide you towards the products they make the biggest margin from depending on the discounts they have agreed with the manufacturer. We are a manufacturer and retailer so we can give you totally impartial advice. Call Us.