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Installing a fireplace with a TV above

If you are considering installing a TV above a fireplace Most of the gas, bio-ethanol and electric fireplaces we sell can be installed with a TV above as long as our basic advice and guidelines are followed. Call 01325-301020 or visit our fireplace showroom to find out how it is done.

Shown below: Flueless Gas Fire (no chimney required)

TV above Fireplace


TV above Fireplace

It is now becoming popular to install a TV above a Fireplace. The above installation includes a CVO open flame ribbon fire with a TV above the fireplace.

At CVO Fire we have a wide range of gas fireplace designs which are suitable to mount a TV above. This type of installation means that there is no need for a hearth or surround and a TV on a stand, all of which can take up considerable space up within a room. By removing these items from the floor and positioning them on the wall it makes the available living space appear more contemporary and makes furniture planning easier. With careful planning it is also possible to hide the DVD, surround sound system and all the required cables within the cavity created for the TV and fireplace. Our range includes gas fireplaces for homes with or without a chimney (we have 100% efficient no chimney models).

he gas fire

This style of installation needs careful planning. If you are considering installing a fireplace above a TV we request that you call our Sales Engineers to discuss your requirements so that we can guide you towards the most cost effective method for your home.

We have special guidance notes and can supply technical drawings and additional images upon request. Call 01325-301020 during office hours or visit our showrooms (details are shown at the bottom of the page).

Shown Right is out High Efficiency Blade gas fire. This fire is designed with an optional shelf above that can be used as a barrier between the fire and TV. See an example of a customer installation.



fireplace with TV

Shown Right is a open flame flueless gas fire with recess plate and 60″ plasma TV above. This type of installation is the easiest as it involves no chimney or flue routing.

Our flueless gas fire is unique in Europe as it has an open flame. This combined with 100% energy efficiency means that this installation meets all of the latest SAP regulations for energy efficiency.

The flueless gas fire is supplied with a special deflector system to circulate the heat within the room and a recess plate to allow a false chimney breast to be built around. The false chimney then is used to hide all of the cables and sound system etc. Read more about our Unique Flueless Gas Fire



The CVO range of gas fires includes contemporary and traditional fireplaces for all homes with or without a chimney : chimney fires, high efficiency gas fires, ethanol fires, flueless gas fires, power flue gas fires and balanced flue gas fires. All our contemporary gas fires and fireplaces are designed and manufactured in the UK.