Installing a Fireplace and fitting a TV above?

It is now very popular to mount a TV above a fireplace as this creates additional space within a room and makes furniture arrangement easier. Most of the gas fires and bio-ethanol fireplaces we manufacture can be installed with a TV above using our installation guidelines. If you are considering installing a TV above a fireplace call 01325-301020 or visit our fireplace showroom to find out the full installation requirements.


  • What type of fireplace do you require? This is important as the type of fireplace will dictate how the TV is mounted. Each style of fireplace has specific installation requirements, some gas appliances need flue pipes. In most instances these pipes come from the top of the appliance and hence into the area above the fireplace where the TV will be placed.
  • What type of fuel? Using gas is the cheapest option as it will keep running costs to a minimum. If gas is not possible then bioethanol is an option.
  • What type of TV? This is important as the TV dimensions and the wall bracket will dictate how far the TV will stand off the wall or how much it will require to be recessed into the wall.
  • Click Here for Details about Different Types of Fireplace

Our Range:

Venezia 130 Balanced Flue Gas Fire

Mounting a TV above a fireplace is not complicated however it needs careful planning before any work takes place. This type of installation can be achieved with a wide range of appliances. We have solutions available for homes with and without a chimney using flueless gas fires, high efficiency chimney fires, open flame gas fires, balanced flue gas fires and also power flue gas fires and stoves. We are unable to show every combination here and therefore we ask that you call us to discuss your plans and we can e-mail guidance sheets to you. The easiest and most energy efficient way to achieve this contemporary installation style is to use our open flame flueless gas fire and recess system (as shown above in the image with Beyoncé). This design requires no chimney and has 100% energy efficiency. By using a gas fire without a chimney the installation costs are greatly reduced.

Installing a TV above a fireplace can be achieved easily as long as strict guidelines are followed. There have been a number of instances where customers have tried this as a DIY installation and very expensive damage has occurred to the TV. To get accurate advice of what you need to do speak to our sales consultants and we can then guide you towards the best solution. The images show customer homes.

NEED TECHNICAL HELP? Call our sales team on 01325-301020, Monday to Saturday, 8-30am to 6pm to discuss your requirements in detail.

The CVO range of gas fires includes contemporary and traditional fireplaces for all homes with or without a chimney : chimney fires, high efficiency gas fires, ethanol fires, flueless gas fires, and balanced flue gas fires. All our contemporary gas fires are designed and manufactured in the UK.