Why Choose a CVO Fire?

Award-Winning Designs, Breathtaking Technology, all made in the North East of England.


CAST SLIT - contemporary hole in the wall fire design.

The CVO “Classico” Flueless Gas Fire won the V&A Classic Design Award and the Interbuild Energy Efficiency Award. The CVO Fire bowl has won the Prince of Wales Medal for Design. CVO Fires have been featured on TV many times on programs like Grand Designs and the Home Show.


All our contemporary gas fires carry full UKCA approved. This approval means that they meet the British Standard Institute standards. All CVO fires have been independently tested and the factory must comply with an annual UKCA audit to ensure the approval is maintained at all times. We can provide a copy of the approval certificate for any of our fires upon request.


Let CVO make the process of buying a fireplace easy. At our headquarters we have a team of trained sales consultants who can provide free expert advice, giving you all the information you need to select the most suitable fire for your property. Our web site includes advice, photographs and specification sheets for all of our fires. The specifications can be downloaded and printed at home. Installation manuals can be provided upon request. Our consultants can answer most of your technical questions, however basic the question, if you are not sure please call. Telephone 01325 301020.

Bespoke Ribbon Fireplace designed by CVO Fire - Ask for details.


When you buy a CVO fire it will be hand made and will feature our unique gas burner technology. We do not sell our burner technology to any other Company or buy fire parts from other fireplace companies. This gives us total control over our designs, quality control, fast response lead times and customer service. At CVO we have invested over £1 million pounds in developing the specialist gas burner technology that we use in our fires.



All CVO Fires are hand made in the UK and we are totally independent from any other Fireplace Company. The production team have pride in every fire they build and they know the customer’s name and where in the world each fire they build is being installed. Every fire is given a 100% full function test. All CVO fires are delivered with adequate packaging a rubber inlet stopper and where applicable, ceramat protection and a test point. These measures help to prevent damage and simple faults like ingress of dust into pipe work during transportation and during the installation process. To UK mainland customers we deliver by dedicated courier service so that you know your fires will arrive in perfect condition.



Our award winning flueless designs are totally unique in today’s market. Most other companies buy their burner from one company and change the fascia – hence why they all look the same! However, our flueless gas fires are unique and feature ground breaking technology. The emissions are so low that we do not need filters, this means no glass screen, leaving a beautiful open flame.

Did you know? In recent tests against a competitor’s product which had catalytic filters the CVO flueless gas fire had emissions which were 40% less. Also, you may have been told that having a glass screen is safer however when we tested a flueless gas fire purchased from a Major DIY chain the glass screen reached a temperature of 220 deg C – that would cause a considerable burn if touched.



The moulds used to fabricate our Fire bowls were created by specialists at the Tyne shipyards who are renowned for constructing complex geometrical shapes like propellers.

The Ceramat used on the Gas Fire bowl was developed by NASA and supported by a stainless steel mesh to give a very long life to the burner. This unique design creates a mesmerising flame picture which sparkles. The stone bowl is built to last the test of time.

Flueless Gas Fires by CVO Fire


We have a retail showroom in the North East of England with all our fires on live display.



Why is it not included in the price? We do not include installation in the price as each installation is different. No two situations are the same and may involve many different aspects of work. It is very easy to find a local installer either in the local directory service or online. An installation manual is included with your fire at time of delivery including drawings, descriptions and illustrations to ensure a straightforward installation process. All fires must be installed by an approved installer. Failure to do this invalidates the warranty and you are also risking serious injury. It is not worth the risk by saving money on installation – use a regulated gas engineer and stay safe.



The installation manual highlights methods of maintenance and cleaning. We recommend that All our contemporary gas fires are serviced by a gas registered engineer once a year. This will keep your fire functioning in top condition and safely. Most Fires have interchangeable fascias meaning you can change the look of your room without the need to install a new gas fire. The gas burner units on our best selling flueless gas fires and Fire Ribbons are detachable and can be removed easily for maintenance.


BORDINO Fireplace Design

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Alternatively, if you need help or advice on selecting a fire please call our Sales Team on 01325 301020, or simply e-mail your request.

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