Balanced Flue Gas Fires

Balanced flue gas fires are the perfect addition to any modern home, offering an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution. Whether it’s an entirely new installation or upgrading an outdated system, a balanced flue gas fire could be the answer to your needs. We have some of the best balanced flue gas fires on the market, featuring smart and stylish designs without compromising on heat distribution and energy efficiency. 


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CVO supplies a wide range of Italian manufactured balanced flue fires, becoming an increasingly popular solution amongst homeowners in the UK. Here’s all you need to know about this high efficiency gas fire solution to help you make an informed decision before you buy.

What Is A Balanced Flue Gas Fire?

A balanced flue gas fire, otherwise referred to as a closed combustion gas fire, is an appliance that transports the burning material to the outside atmosphere via a concentric flue, which draws in fresh air from the outer pipes and vents out the exhaust from the inner pipe.

Flue termination can be on a side wall or through the roof. Because of this, a balanced flue fire can be installed and fitted to a home’s existing chimney with minimal building work required. Likewise, they can be used within a false chimney breast, meaning a chimney isn’t even necessarily needed.

These glass fronted, sealed, gas appliances meet all the latest building codes for energy efficiency with low fuel consumption making them the perfect centrepiece for any home

These clear benefits make this style of fire a popular choice among many homeowners, from those wanting to install a balanced flue gas stove without impacting the structural integrity of the home, to those simply wanting a cost-efficient and greener fireplace.


Balanced Flue Gas Fire Designs At CVO

One of the great things about balanced flue gas fires is that they offer versatility from a design perspective. At CVO, all appliances are manufactured to a very high standard with unique design features.

Some of our most popular balanced flue gas fires include;

  •      One-Sided Balanced Flue Gas Fire (Glass on one side)
  •      Double-Sided Balanced Flue Gas Fire (Glass on two sides – see through)
  •      3 Sided Balanced Flue Gas Fires (Glass on three sides)
  •      Peninsular Balanced Flue Gas Fire (as a room divider)
  •      2 Sided Balanced Flue Gas Fire (Glass on Front and 1 side)
Our range has the following options available:

Fireplace Decoration : Fireplace Logs or Pebbles , Gas Types : Natural Gas or LPG/Propane, Flue System : 130/200, 100/150 or Chimney Renovation

Flue Renovation Kit: All our uk balanced flue gas fires can be used with a flue renovation kit. This means that you can install one within a house with a chimney and use the chimney instead of buying all the additional flue pipes.

Technical Details :

Each of these styles can be personalised to suit the specific needs of your family and the dimensions of the room that the appliance will feature in. With so many options regarding the appearance of the surrounding chimneystack too, this type of fireplace can truly transform the atmosphere of any living space.

Our balanced flue gas stoves are as practical as they are beautiful, which is a winning combination for any modern homeowner looking for a way to brighten up their living spaces.

Shown on the right is a typical balanced flue gas fire installation, showing the heat recovery vents. This can be eliminated by purchasing the “easy install” version of the fire which allows for installation without the vents.

We supply our balanced flue gas fires with flue pipes, so please call to discuss your complete installation so we can advise the most cost effective solution. Read our Flue Install Guidance Notes for more information on installation.

What Next?

While our extensive range of balanced flue fires should give you plenty of inspiration, you may still require a little support throughout the purchasing process. Whether you’d like to discuss the various options at your disposal or learn more about pricing and installation requirements, give our friendly advisors a call today on 01325 301 020.