Bioethanol Fire Burners

Custom Designed bioethanol burners are an ever increasing choice for today’s discerning customer. Our range of Bio-Ethanol burner insert trays and fire boxes are a perfect solution for bespoke bio-ethanol fireplaces. Please note if deciding to use these trays in your own flueless ethanol fire design the final bio ethanol burner must be built of a non combustible material in line with national building regulations. The trays and fireplace insert must only be used with approved Bio-Ethanol fuel for fireplaces which is available to buy from this site. To help you decide on the custom fireplace of your choice specification sheets are available upon request.

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How Do Bioethanol Burners Work?

As well as their sleek looks and modern aesthetics, bioethanol burners are equally impressive in how they operate. If you’re sold on the design of our bioethanol burner boxes but want to know more about the internals, it’s important to find out how bioethanol burners work.

Bioethanol burner boxes are simple and easy to operate, which, when combined with their impressive eco credentials, makes it no surprise that they’re one of the top choices for homes around the world. Using plant-based bioethanol fuel, (and avoiding the use of environmentally harmful sources such as logs), simply pour the fuel into your bioethanol burner box and light. Enjoy the fire for as long as it burns or extinguish when you’re ready!

Pros and Cons of Bioethanol Burners


Bioethanol burners are easy to operate. One of the biggest advantages to our bioethanol burners is their ease of use; just pour in your biofuel, light and enjoy!
Fuel used in bioethanol burners is more environmentally friendly. Made entirely from plants, our biofuel has a far smaller impact on the environment – helping to keep your costs and carbon footprint low!

By using biofuel, you don’t have to worry about gas connections. Our bioethanol burner boxes help to keep everything simple, taking away the hassle and worry of complex gas connections and other stresses.


Rooms with a bioethanol burner require ventilation. To comply with regulations, you must have an external source of ventilation in the room you’re placing your bioethanol burner box.

You’ll have to consider storage for your biofuel. Although far cleaner than gas fire, our biofuel does take up room! The space you’ll need won’t be big, but it’s still worth considering where you’re going to store your biofuel.