Fire Ribbon® Gas Burners

Our standard fire ribbon burners are 520mm, 860mm, 1200mm and 1500mm wide, coming in a variety of sizes to fit any installation you want. All of our ribbon fires are operated by remote control and are available for use with natural gas or LPG. Every fire in our range has a single and double sided gas fire version so you can fit it into any living space you want. These can be supplied as completely open or with glass – please call our team for more details!

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Our brochures are full of price information, running costs and technical drawings for all of our fires.

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Stunning “Hole in the Wall” Ribbon Fireplace Designs

We created our unique FIRE RIBBON BURNER technology in 2002 with a large, glamorous and distinctive flame quality. Fireplaces with our unique fire ribbon have been installed in properties across the UK. The FIRE RIBBON range includes many standard design options, single or double sided, in brushed, polished, black steel, natural stone and is also adaptable to bespoke and custom made fireplaces. To discuss your requirements in depth, call our sales consultants on 01325-301020 and we can guide you towards the most cost effective and suitable solution for you. The burner can be supplied as clean, (no ceramics), or with pebbles or logs. View our New 2016 Fire Ribbon Brochure for inspiration.

“A Fire with WOW Factor” THE TELEGRAPH

There are many different sizes and installation requirements for our Ribbon Gas Fires. There are fires up to 1500mm wide, with a depth of only 317mm and 178mm flue pipe. Our sales staff can guide you towards the most cost effective solution, so call on 01325-301020, Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm or email for advice on installation and choosing the best ribbon fireplace.