Living Flame Gas Fires

There’s nothing better than a live open flame gas fire to create a focal point for any room. This style of open gas fireplace, without a glass front, adds to the overall atmosphere within a room. It’s no surprise that living flame gas fires are becoming the go-to option when it comes to creating a stunning focal point in traditional and contemporary properties alike.

Creating that “cosy” feel we all crave when sitting down to watch TV or read a book has never been easier than with a new inset gas fire in your living room. Open gas fires are also very easy to control with instant lighting and a control system to increase or decrease the heat output. This is typically not possible with other forms of secondary heating, making one of our gas fires that look like real fires one of the best options on the market if you want to retain more control over your heating solution.

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Living flame gas fires are also very easy to develop into bespoke design ideas. This isn’t possible with wood burning stones, glass fronted or balanced flue fires. The best option out there for anyone wanting a real flame gas fire without a chimney is one of our amazing, award winning flueless gas fires! CVO make a range of real flame open fires that will give a warm feeling to any home. You won’t regret going for one of our amazing gas fires, serving both an aesthetic and functional purpose to any space in your home.


What are the benefits of an open flame gas fire?

Our open flame gas fires don’t need a glass front and burn cleanly which creates a great atmosphere in any living space. Real flame gas fires can also be instantly adjusted to different light and heat outputs, giving you full control over your desired effect.

Are open flame gas fires efficient?

Yes! Our open flame gas fires burn 99.9% efficiently with no flue or chimney required. Our unique burner technology ensures a high heat output without the worry of emissions. Living flame gas fires are one of the first options homeowners consider when looking for a high efficiency solution, helping to reduce the costs of their heating.

Are open gas fires safe?

Absolutely. Our open flame gas fires are all designed to the highest safety standards – we put every real flame gas fire we make through extensive safety testing before sending them out.

Real Flame Gas Fires

At CVO we’ve created our own range of living flame fires, using our very own unique burner technology. By choosing a real flame gas fire, you can enhance any room in your home and create a warm atmosphere at the same time. A living flame gas fire is one of the most energy efficient fires available, with lots of different options and finishes to suit any home – open gas fires are versatile in their ability to fit into any space, with a wide range of available styles and different designs. All of our open gas fires are made in our own factory using locally sourced materials, tested to the latest safety standards before being shipped directly to our customers. By choosing a gas fire with real flame effect, you can be sure you’ll be the envy of everyone who sets eyes on your amazing living flame gas fire.

An open gas fire is one of the most aesthetically pleasing options you can go for if you’re looking for a new stunning addition to your space. By buying a living flame gas fire, you’re investing in a beautiful gas fire that features our unique Ribbon burner technology that we designed for efficiency and clean burning.

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