High Efficiency Inset Gas Fires

Our inset gas fires are a direct replacement for any existing inset gas fire installation, or they can be supplied as a complete package with surround and hearth for a new installation. These inset fireplaces are tested to BS7977:2013, the latest standard for safety and efficiency. Our high efficiency inset gas fires can be used in any existing chimney – Class 1, Class 2, Pre-Cast or can be installed using a flue box and flue liner with a false chimney breast in a new build property. By replacing an old inset gas stove with one of our high efficiency modern inset gas fires you could benefit from up to 60% more heat in the room for 50% of the cost. Delivery on all of our inset gas fires means anyone in the UK can have an amazing new gas fire in their home – all of our high efficiency gas fires, flueless gas fires and the rest of our range are all handmade with a close attention to detail to ensure you get nothing less than a perfect product!

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Why Install An Inset Gas Stove?

Using a CVO inset gas fire will save you money, just by letting you use your existing chimney breast. These new modern gas fires save money and produce a considerable amount of heat for the room. They can be installed in new build properties using our special flue box kit or used to replace an old, inefficient installation in a home with an existing chimney. Suitable for any type of chimney – Class 1, Class 2 or Pre-Cast, allowing for great versatility when it comes to installation. These inset glass fronted gas stoves are room sealed with no additional room ventilation required. By taking out your old open flame inset gas fire and replacing it with a Bailey, you could benefit from 20% more heat in the room for 60% of the cost. For the same amount of heat, an electric fire would cost you twice the amount! This is why people are choosing to replace old inefficient inset gas fires with one of our modern inset gas fires. Call us today to discuss your requirements – sales consultants are available Monday to Saturday.

"By installing a HE Gas Fire in my home I reduced my overall gas bills by 46% saving £170 between Jan 2013 & April 2013” Read more about how how installing a modern, CVO, gas fire can help reduce your overall heating bills."

Pros & Cons Of Inset Fireplaces


All of our HE inset gas stoves can be installed in any existing chimney and require no additional room ventilation (room sealed), as well as being fully compliant to new SAP regulations and giving you the ability to install a shelf and TV above.

Inset gas fires are a great option if you’re looking to minimise the space that’s taken up with your new fire – being completely inset into the wall, your inset gas fire doesn’t encroach into the room and saves valuable room. Especially perfect if you don’t have much room to play with!

These fires are also great replacement gas fires when you’re looking to upgrade from an old and inefficient fire. With the increase in technology, inset gas fires have become much more efficient for a much lower running cost. As well as efficiency improvement, installing a brand new inset fireplace should be a massive improvement aesthetically, with our sleek and modern designs looking stylish in any scenario.


Although it’s great for smaller homes, there are minimum room requirements which means you have to at least meet the minimum room size to be able to safely operate one of our inset gas fires.

Inset gas fires cannot be your primary source of heat, meaning you need another heat source such as a radiator to install an inset gas fire.

The levels of heat emitted from one of our inset gas fires can sometimes not feel enough for some people – it’s worth checking the heat output of each individual fire before deciding on an inset gas fire.

Different Types of High Efficiency Gas Fires

CHIMNEY : These fires are used in conjunction with an existing chimney and are the most cost effective installation. They can also be used in a new build property using a flue liner and false chimney breast. These fires can provide up to 4Kw of heat, although it’s worth noting that due to the high efficiency in most homes, 4kw is comparable to adding two electric fires in the room. The biggest benefit of installing a high efficiency gas fire is the reduced running costs. Examples are shown below.

FLUE LINER : If the flue pipe can be routed vertically then this is a cost effective installation for a new build property that doesn’t have a brick chimney. The glass fronted gas fire is installed in a flue box and the flue liner runs off the box, around which a false chimney breast can be built.

BALANCED FLUE : These fires are for homes that don’t have a chimney and the flue route cannot go vertically. The pipes can be routed upwards, then horizontally and terminate on a side wall – a false chimney breast is then built around the appliance. There are various sizes available, with each size having a higher heat output up to a maximum of 12Kw. Balanced flue gas fires are best for large open plan properties which need heat rather than a visual effect.

POWER FLUE : Power flue gas fires are suitable for properties where a vertical flue cannot be used and the pipes can be routed in multiple directions, even under the floor. Power flue pipes are either 54mm or 80mm in diameter and can have a maximum length of 40m. They can also be used in the centre of a room as a freestanding gas fire. There are various sizes, and each size has a higher heat output up to a maximum of 12Kw.



What is an inset gas fire?

An inset gas fire is recessed into the wall instead of protruding into the room. They can also be inset into a chimney in flueless variations.


Are inset gas fires efficient?

When replacing an old inset fire with a new high efficiency inset gas fire, you are likely to see a 60% increase in heat for 50% of the total cost.


What are the benefits of an inset gas fire?

Take up no space in the room
High energy efficiency
Aesthetically pleasing