Power Flue Gas Fires

“Install a Fireplace Almost Anywhere”

Our power flue gas fires made in the UK can be installed anywhere, in any property. Perfect for homes without a chimney, apartments or buildings where a flue outlet is difficult. These fires are easy to install and use with a very high efficiency of over 90%. Our powerflue gas fires can be supplied as an insert to be built around or with a glass casing allowing the powered flue gas fire to be installed as a free standing unit.

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Powerflue Gas Fire Designs

These contemporary powerflue gas fireplace designs are manufactured in Italy by Italkero, a European leader in gas fire design and technology. We are the exclusive partners of Italkero in the UK and we are proud to add this range of high efficiency gas fires to our ever expanding product range.

This style of gas fire with power flue is ideal for modern properties as there are no conventional flue pipes required. The appliance is fitted with either 54mm or 80mm pipes which can be routed in any configuration, including under the floor up to a length of 40 meters. See the below videos and read the attached technical files to learn more about these high efficiency, modern, glass fronted appliances. All powerflue fires that we stock are 91% efficient and are available with either black or white outer casing or as an insert to build around, and you can choose from either logs or pebbles to finish the look.

 As there is no flue outlet on the top of the appliance, it is possible to install the fire as a room divider or as a central feature in a room. These can be installed as&double sided gas fires, with either logs or pebbles. The powerflue gas fire is then operated by a thermostatic remote control that will ensure the room stays at a comfortable heat level, saving energy. All of our fires have energy efficiency ratings over 90% and have class 1 energy efficiency, meeting all the current building regulations. These are classed as room sealed appliances and no air vent is required.

We have a new A4 brochure which shows all the available fires, includes all the technical specifications, prices and flue routing options.

Call Sales or order the Brochure Online. Below is only a small selection of our UK power flue gas fires. We have a full range available in various widths and designs – front, see through and free-standing.


What is a power flue gas fire?

Power flue gas fires allow a fire to be installed in almost any property, whether it has a chimney or not. There are no conventional flue pipes required and can be routed in any configuration including under the floor. Air vents are not required with powerflue fires.

How efficient are power flue gas fires?

All of our powerflue gas fires are over 90% energy efficient and have class 1 energy efficiency ratings.

What’s the heat output of a power flue gas fire?

Our powerflue gas fires have different heat outputs based on the design, but can be anywhere between 4Kw and 10Kw, the equivalent of multiple electric fires.