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Flueless Gas Fires

If you are looking for a modern fire for your new home, consider our flueless gas fires. A flueless gas fireplace is a perfect option for a contemporary property because there is no need for a chimney or flue system. As the fire burns cleanly, a flue is not needed at all, providing a simple layout, installation and build.

Wall Mounted Flueless Gas Fires 

Traditional Style Flueless Gas Fires with Surrounds

Benefits of Flueless Gas Fires

Flueless gas fires provide many benefits to you as a property owner. A cleaner solution, these excellent devices can benefit those prone to allergies due to the low levels of emissions released into the atmosphere.

Since the gas costs less, modern flueless gas fires are also highly energy efficient and incredibly cost effective. Starting at just 11p/hour these fires have one of the lowest k/w costs on the market today.

When you have a chimney with a fire, there is a certain level of heat loss. Since there is no flue with these fires, they are often considered to be 100% energy efficient.

As well as providing an easier option for installation, our cheap flueless gas fires can be installed anywhere in an external or internal wall. This is due to the fact that issues with chimneys and flues do not need to be considered.

As well as being energy efficient our flueless fires are safe with a special setup that will shut the fire off if air flow in the room is reduced. As well as this, our flueless gas fires exceed the highest CE regulations, guaranteeing you a safe system for your home.

Choose From A Range Of Styles And Features

When selecting a flueless gas fire, consider our full range of models and designs that could look stunning in any room of your home. Styles like the Moderno, Angel and Classico stand out, protruding from the wall and could be a centrepiece feature of any living area. With bold, chic, minimalist designs, these gas fires are the perfect option for contemporary decor.

With metal, glass and wooden exterior designs, you can choose the material that will suit your home or room the best.

As well as providing flueless fires that stand out, we can also offer a recessed system, fully built into a wall of your home. Perfect if you want your fire to fit into the background of your room design this option is available on the Angel, Classico and the Moderno. Enquire today, and we’ll assist you on this type of installation for your home.

You can even get a flueless fire that provides the typical, more traditional layout with a Kiah suite built around an Angel or Bonita model. These fireplaces are the perfect choice for designing a living area that has a classic home comfort with a modern flair.

If you are interested in learning more about our stunning flueless gas fires or you would like a quote, contact us today. A friendly member of our team will be happy to assist you and find the perfect flueless gas fire for your property.

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY: “Just a note to express our complete satisfaction with your product, service and technical support. After visiting your showroom we opted for the Moderno Flueless gas fire with black recess plate. Every question we had was answered in a clear and understandable way, nothing was too much trouble. The fire and surround are now fitted and look stunning. Everyone who visits our home asks where it came from. I will for sure recommend your company to them all. In this age it is both refreshing and a pleasure to do business with a business who cares ! Best Regards. Marc Kaluza” – Read our other customer reviews.

The CVO Fire brand was established in 1999. We specialise in designing and manufacturing high quality heating appliances from our North East factory. Visit our FIREVAULT Fireplace Showroom based in the Newton Aycliffe – County Durham (DL5 6XN) to view our products or download our Flueless Gas Fire Brochure to learn more about this new technology.

Yes, All of our flueless gas fires need to have an Air vent within the same room as the fire.
No, Our whole range of flueless fires are clean burning and 99.9% efficient.
Nope, Every fire in our flueless range does not need a flue and does not need to be wall mounted on a chimney wall.
  • Easy to Install and Use.
  • No Chimney.
  • 100% Energy Efficient (no heat wasted)
  • Low Running Costs (70% cheaper than electric, wood & bio-ethanol)
  • Perfect solution for instant secondary heat for a living room or lounge.
Flueless means that there is no chimney or flue pipes required to use the fire. All of the emissions from the fire vent from the top or front of the fire. As the fires burn very cleanly a flue or chimney is not required. (Just to be clear – Balanced flue fires need flue pipes up and out of your wall – so they are not flueless – and they cost a lot of money to install.)
We are the only manufacturer who can offer a living flame flueless fire without the need for a glass screen which its purpose is to drive emissions through a cat convertor. We made our fires clean burning so we don’t need either.
  • Energy Efficiency: All of the gas you burn is turned to heat and returned to the room. This means you are not wasting money.
  • Saving Money: Despite all the hype in the media, gas is the cheapest form of utility to use being over 70% cheaper “per kw/h” of heat than wood, electric or bio-ethanol.
  • Easy to Install:Wall Mounted versions can be installed very quickly if the gas supply is nearby.
  • Easy to Use: Just turn the control knob top start and adjust the flame size and heat output..
  • Extra Heat when you want it: The reason for buying a secondary heat source for your home is for additional heat. A flueless gas fire will give you between 2.0kw and 3.5kw of heat and will cost you only 9p to 15p per hour to run. For the same amount of heat output an electric fire will cost you 30p to 53p.
The flueless gas fires we manufacture have very unique features that other companies do not offer : open flame, no glass or catalytic filters. This means that the air circulating from our fire radiates out from the front and the top. We have manufactured our own unique style of open flame flueless gas fires since 2003. Since then we have won many style and technology awards and the fire has appeared on many TV programs. To date there are many CVO flueless gas fires installed in homes and commercial properties across Europe. At CVO Fire we specialise in manufacturing Flueless Gas Fires with a beautiful open flame.
Yes, but if you ask the same gas fitter if they would fit a gas cooker for you they will say yes! That is despite a gas cooker having no safety devices fitted and being more dangerous than a flueless gas fire. A cooker and flueless gas fire both have a flame – so how can one be fitted and safe but the other not and unsafe? Unfortunately there are a lot of gas fitters who do not have a clue about the appliances they are supposed to fit in homes. This is why we ask you to call and we will give you the name of a proper gas fitter.