Gas Fire Bowl, Indoor Fire Bowl Designs

Our stunning range of contemporary gas fire bowls are surprisingly versatile and adaptable to a wide range of fireplace installation styles. A gas fire bowl can be incorporated into a variety of popular designs – whether you want a hole in the wall fireplace, traditional style or even a double sided fire, we can help you make your dream a reality. There are 12 different indoor fire bowls in our range with a selection of different sizes and finishes available, so we’re sure we have something for every room. Our bowls are available to suit existing firebowl installations or as part of a complete redesign and brand new installation. Please note that the small oval gas fire bowl does not need an air vent in the room to the outside. View our New Fire Bowl Brochure for more information.

This ICONIC design was created in 1999 and started the trend which has seen a number of “imitations” created. No air vent is required with this fire bowl. Winner of the Price of Wales Design Award, the small oval gas fire bowl features burner technology which creates a sparkling undulating sea of blue incandescence to gentle peaks of yellow flames.

The Small oval gas firebowl is 490mm Wide (tip to tip) and is available in White, Black or Sand Stone, or Hand Polished Aluminium or Stunning Bronze.

This 490mm diameter piece with its unique, voracious and beautiful flame is perfect in larger rooms and is ideal for contemporary centre of room or fire table designs.

The circular gas fire bowl is an elegant, timeless piece that can be showcased in a variety of ways and is always admired and appreciated by homeowners and guests alike. The flame which changes from a sea of undulating blue to peaks of yellow. This indoor firebowl is available in a choice of finishes and installation options.

There is a bio-ethanol or flueless version of the small oval fire bowl available. The gel fire bowl is 490mm (tip to tip) and has a stunning flame pattern. Both beautiful and practical, giving warmth and 3.6kw of heat. This pebble bowl fireplace is supplied on a plinth, is portable* and has a lid to extinguish the flame when required. There is a choice of 5 finishes and 2 ceramics. 10 versions to choose from. Gas fire stones are supplied with this product to give a pebble fire bowl effect.

*the bowl must only be moved when not lit and must be allowed to cool down.

This special range of high quality traditional fireplaces have been created to be used with any of the cvo gas fire range. With carved stone surrounds in materials like portuguese limestone or african black granite these fires are both glamorous and stunning.

Choose from three standard designs using the CVO small oval gas fire bowl, or request a bespoke design using any of our 30 CE approved gas burners.

All of our gas fire bowls are available to buy with a range of double sided or see through enclosures to create a stunning fireplace feature. Glass can be added to one side if required.

Image : Bronze Fire bowl with “See Through” Polished Bronze Enclosure installed in the London Penthouse Apartment of a leading actress.

We have a wide range of standard enclosures to match our gas fire bowls. Enclosures are available in many finishes from natural stone to black or brushed metal. There are single sided or double sided (see through) versions and the double sided version can be supplied with glass on one side.

For specification sheets and prices please call our sales team on 01325-301020. The image shows the small oval white fire bowl with an African black granite enclosure as installed in a customer home.

Tabletop Fire Bowl

Need a custom designed indoor fire bowl? We specialise in designing bespoke fireplaces for clients using our unique gas burner technology. We have over 30 firebowl designs available to choose from in our standard range, and ee are also available to design bespoke ethanol fires for any use.

To discuss your requirements please call 01325-301020 or fill in our online contact form.

About Our Gas Fire Bowls

NOTE: We can make a Bio-Ethanol version of any of our fire bowls upon request.

CVO FIRE created the indoor gas fire bowl concept in 1999. All assembly work is done at our factory in the UK and we can guarantee that bowls are manufactured to a very high quality, and are very reliable. For example, one of our gas fire bowls has been installed in the Epernay Bar in Birmingham since 2001, operating 7 days a week -still looking as good today as the day it was installed! Our stone fire bowl, aluminium fire bowl and bronze fire bowl designs are made to an exceptional level of craftsmanship with a flame quality unique to CVO, using Ceramat gas burner technology which creates an undulating sparkling sea of blue incandescence to gentle peaks of yellow flames. Our bowls have also been the winner of the Prince of Wales Design Award.

Our gas fire bowls are the choice of top architects and designers around the world who demand high quality, reliable products. Fire bowls can be seen in many top hotels, wine bars and restaurants but are widely used in homes as part of a traditional or contemporary fireplace. Installation options are unlimited so call us to discuss your plans in detail and listen to how we can help you with your perfect fire bowl installation. You can also download our full brochure and price list direct from the web site.

Designed to be admired, the clean burning flame of a small fire bowl dances across the matting, giving the appearance of embers burning in a coal fire. With a wide range of sizes and finishes these indoor gas fire bowl selections are equally suited to a contemporary or traditional home.

There are many installation opportunities with a gas fire bowl, whether you go for an in the wall design, traditional style or tabletop, please call us to discuss.


What is an indoor fire bowl?

Indoor fire bowls can be adapted to a range of different installation styles and are suitable for indoor use. Some of our designs don’t even require an air vent, using Ceramat gas burner technology.

What fuel types can you use fire bowls?

Fire bowls can be used with natural gas, LPG or bioethanol fuel. Each have different running costs and each design can run on different fuel types, so please read the descriptions carefully and call us to discuss if you need more information.

What’s the heat output of fire bowls?

Different fuel types have different heat outputs as well as the size of the fire bowl. Bioethanol fire bowls have a heat output of approximately 3.5Kw whereas gas fire bowls can output up to 12Kw.