Hole in the Wall Gas Fires

If you’re looking for a built in gas fireplace to suit your contemporary home, a hole in the wall gas fire is among the best options. They look fantastic in just about any living space, with their their versatility in design and style.

At CVO, all of our hole in the wall gas fires use our unique gas burner technology and are manufactured at our UK factory. Whichever finishing style you opt for, it’s a surefire way to bring a warm atmosphere to the home – all of our recessed fireplaces are efficient and have heat output control.

Our range of contemporary hole in the wall gas fires includes many different design styles and finishes to ensure you can find something that fits any space in your home. Each of the high efficiency gas fires shown in this range use our own unique gas burner technology manufactured at our UK factory.

FIREVAULT® : Winner of Store Design of the Year (2001) by Retail Interiors: Our contemporary retail fireplace showroom (the Firevault) is based in the North of the UK, where you can find a wide selection of our standard fireplace designs and our friendly sales consultants are on hand to help you choose the most suitable fireplace for your property.

Luxury For The Home, Restaurant, Or Hotels

Hole in the wall fires have seen a sharp upturn in popularity over the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why. They bring a sense of style and luxury that can bring any residential or commercial room to life, and are a worthy centrepiece for any space.

Modern hole in the wall gas fires can be installed to work within an existing chimney, or you can opt to create the illusion of a chimney breast. The plethora of styles available in our range put you in full control whilst building an aesthetic that you can be proud of.

CVO is particularly well known for manufacturing a wide range of styles and designs of inset gas fires. Some of the best hole in the wall gas fires include;

All of our recessed fireplace designs are bespoke to the specifications of your home while the surrounding chimney features can also further enhance the effect. With all of our hole in the wall fires being operated remotely, our hole in the wall fires offer a luxury you won’t find elsewhere.

CVO – A Name You Can Trust

Whether you’re looking for a hole in the wall fireplace for your home or your business, only the best will do. From concept to completion, every aspect of our designs and installation are sure to bring the touch of class you deserve.

Our unique Fire Ribbon burner technology is unparalleled in its luxury, with a flame quality our competitors can only dream of. All of our recessed gas fires are designed to operate on Natural Gas or LPG and carry full CE approval for delivery across Europe.

Ultimately, our recessed fireplaces perform as wonderfully as they look. If that isn’t a winning combination for years to come, what is?

What Next?

You can learn more about all of the hole in the wall fires mentioned above, along with our other styles, by browsing our site. Once you’ve found the perfect built in gas fire for your home or commercial premise, give us a call on 01325 301 020. Whether you’re settled on the exact specifications or need a little help in bringing that vision to life, our dedicated team are more than happy to help.


What are the benefits of a hole in the wall gas fire?

Hole in the wall or recessed fires are good if you want to keep a low profile without the fire sticking out into the room, without compromising on the heat, aesthetics and energy efficiency of a gas fire.

Are hole in the wall gas fires efficient?

Yes! Our hole in the wall gas fires are efficient, featuring our unique burner technology.

Do hole in the wall gas fires need any additional ventilation?

Our hole in the wall gas fires can be worked into most exiting chimneys and flues, but do not require any additional ventilation such as an air vent in the room.