“All copyright, design rights and intellectual property rights existing in our designs and products and in the images, text and design of our web site / marketing material are and will remain the property of Spirit Fires Limited. We will treat any infringement of these rights seriously.”

We invest in research and development to create new and exciting products for our customers. We will take all steps required within the law to protect our designs and trademarks. This includes abuse of our trademarks in domain names.

  • Recent News
    • 21/6/2010 : Judgement against Go Modern Ltd for Trademark Infringement
    • 1/11/2011 : We have received a judgement against a Major European fireplace manufacturer for trademark infringement – more news will follow once the legal process is complete.
    • 14/11/2011: Undisclosed damages agreed with Go Modern Ltd for trademark infringement.
  • Technical Files
    • The Specification Sheets shown on this web site remain the property of Spirit Fires Limited.
    • Specification Sheets are provided to allow customers to check dimensions and technical requirements.
    • Specification sheets must not be copied or distributed without the permission of Spirit Fires Limited.
  • Online Sales
    • We will not allow any Company to advertise or sell our fires online.
    • We will not allow anyone to display our images online without prior agreement.
    • Use of images on a web site is chargeable at a rate of £100/year per image.
    • All CVO™ products and images must reference the CVO™Product name and Company Logo
  • CVO Image Rights
    • The images on this web site remain the property of Spirit Fires Limited.
    • Any images presented in CVO™promotional material remain the property of Spirit Fires Limited.
    • Use of our images is restricted to written authority by Spirit Fires Limited.
    • To request permission to use any of our images please contact our head office on 01325-327221.
  • Trademarks
    • We own a large number of Registered Trade Marks to cover our Unique Designs. We will treat any infringement of these names including using them in a way to promote similar products very seriously.
    • Below are a Selection of Trademarks belonging to Spirit Fires Limited
      • CVO
      • SPIRIT
      • FIRE WORKS
      • FIRE RIVER
      • FIRE WAVE
      • BLADE
      • BORDINO
      • KOKOTO

The use of these or any part of these in relation to gas fires will constitute an infringement of our Copyright. We will seek to recover any costs and lost revenue from any party found to breach the terms of our Trademarks. If you suspect someone of Copying our designs, know of the use of our images without our permission or suspect someone of breaching our Copyright please contact us on 01325-327221.

Tout droit de propriety intellectuelle existant dans nos dessins, modèles ou produits ( et dans les images, le texte, les dessins ou modèles du présent site Internet/matériel publicitaire ou promotionnel ) sont et resteront la propriété de Spirit Fires Ltd. Toute violation de ces droits sera poursuivie vigoureusement en justice.

Alle intellectuele eigendomsrechten verbonden aan onze tekeningen, modellen en/of andere producten ( aan de beelden,de tekst en het ontwerp van deze website/ marketing materiaal ) zijn en blijven de eigendom van Spirit Fires Limited. Elke inbreuk op deze rechten zal streng gerechtelijk vervolgd worden.

Todos los derechos de propiedad intelectual existentes en nuestros diseños y productos ( y en las imágenes, texto y diseño de esta website / material de marketing) se hallan protegidos bajo la propiedad de Spirit Fires Limited. Cualquier infracción de estos derechos será severamente perseguida.

Saemtliche Rechte geistigen Eigentums, die an unseren Designs und unseren Produkten bestehen (sowie an Bildern, Texten und dem Design dieser Website und des Vermarktungsmaterials), liegen und verbleiben in dem ausschliesslichen
Eigentum der Spirit Fires Limited. Jegliche Rechtsverletzung wird entschieden verfolgt und geahndet

Tutti i diritti delle proprietà intellettuali presenti nei nostri progetti e prodotti ( e nelle immagini, testi e grafica diquesto sito/ materiale marketing) sono e resteranno di proprietà di Spirit Fires Limited. Ogni qualsiasi violazione di questi diritti
sarà perseguita a norma di legge.

Tasarimlarimizin ve üzrünlerimizin (ve ayrica bu internet sitesinin /pazarlama malzemesinin tasariminin ,metinlerinin ve resimlerinin) tüm fikri mülkiyet haklari (sizin adiniza) ‘ a aittir ve öyle kalacaktir.Bu haklarin herhangi bir sekilde ihlal
edilip edilmedigi fiilen takip edilecektir.