Yes you can have a beautiful open flamed contemporary flueless gas fire in your new build or renovation property. By selecting the cleanest burning flueless gas fire for your property you can be assured of meeting the energy efficiency and carbon index requirements of the Standard Assessment Procedure. SAP RATING = 90%. You can install a flueless gas fire in a new build property. The regulation states that due to the air vent in the same room as the appliance the fire must be rated at 90% not 100%. This is still greater than all other styles of gas fire. The natural gas and propane versions of our flueless gas fires have the lowest CO, CO2 and NOx emissions of any flueless fire on the market. This gives an excellent Carbon Index for your property. All flueless gas fires carry a SAP rating of 90%.This means that when using the standard SAP calculations using a flueless gas fire means the overall SAP rating of the property is reduced. All properties need ventilation.

The selection of a high quality air vent to provide fresh air is critical, this is then entered as an adjustment into the Space Heating Requirement of the calculation. There is a myth that using a flueless gas fire instead of a high efficiency gas fire or balanced flue gas fire will effect the SAP ratings. This is not true. You do not need to pay a fortune to have a beautiful open flamed contemporary gas fire in your new build property or renovation. If you have any doubt please call our sales team.




  • If it is a new build property the fire must have a minimum rating of 40% for a living flame fire. A Flueless Gas Fire is rated at 90%.
  • If it is a renovation then the fire must be rated at least the same as the original fire that was fitted. Hence if it had an open flamed fire before being renovated fitting another open flamed conventional gas fire is OK.



  • A Flueless Gas Fire is rated at 90% efficient.
  • The addition of a high quality air vent is not a negative factor. All homes need ventilation and the addition of an air vent for a flueless gas fire is compensated for by the 90% efficient appliance.
  • Our Flueless Gas Fires have the lowest emissions on the market – CO, CO2 and NOx. These are typically 10% of any other gas fire heating appliance. This means that by using a CVO Flueless Gas Fire instead of a fire with a flue – balanced flue or conventional – your property will also have a very good Carbon Index Score.
  • NOx emissions. In the standard for Sustainable Homes the property must have an overall rating of below 40mg/kwh. The rating of our 2.7kW Natural Gas Flueless Gas Fire is less than 9mg/kwh. This allows for other heating sources to be used alongside the flueless fires like combi boilers etc and still achieve the limit required.
  • 3.5kW Version = < 10 mg/kWh
  • 2.7kW Version = < 9 mg/kWh
  • 2.4 kW Version = < 3 mg/kWh



  • The air vent used with a flueless gas fire is to provide fresh air into the house. The air vent should not cause any heat loss. If the air vent chosen causes heat to be lost from the home you are using the wrong air vent – select a high quality air vent.
  • The air vent when used with a flueless gas fire needs to be entered very carefully as an adjustment into the Space Heating Requirement of the calculation.
  • Flueless Gas Fires require an air vent in the room to replace the oxygen used by the gas fire.


Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP)

The SAP is the Government’s recommended system for energy rating of dwellings. The Standard Assessment Procedure is used for:

Calculating the SAP rating, on a scale from 1 to 120, based on the annual energy costs for space and water heating
Calculating the Carbon Index, on a scale of 0.0 to 10.0, based on the annual CO2 emissions associated with space and water heating.
The SAP rating is used to fulfil the requirements of the Building Regulations to notify and display an energy rating in new dwellings.

The Carbon Index (CI) can be used to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document L1 ( England and Wales ) and Technical Standards Part J ( Scotland ).

Our Flueless Gas Fire has an excellent SAP rating and CI rating.


The Code for Sustainable Homes has been developed to enable a step change in sustainable building practice for new homes. It has been prepared by the Government in close working consultation with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA), and through consultation with a Senior Steering Group consisting of Government, Industry and NGO Representatives. The Code is intended as a single national standard to guide industry in the design and construction of sustainable homes. It is a means of driving continuous improvement, greater innovation and exemplary achievement in sustainable home building. In the short-term, Code compliance is voluntary but home builders are encouraged to follow Code principles set out in this publication because the Government is considering making assessment under Code standards mandatory in the future.


The Code measures the sustainability of a home against design categories, rating the ‘whole home’ as a complete package. Those familiar with building regulations, will recognise this as a major and welcome departure from current practice.

The design categories included within the Code are:

  • Energy/CO2
  • Water
  • Materials
  • Surface water run-off
  • Waste
  • Pollution
  • Health & well-being
  • Management
  • Ecology


Consider the Benefits of a CVO Flueless Gas Fire.

  • Winner of the Interbuild Energy Efficiency Award 2005 (Fireline)
  • Winner of the Palmes D’Or Classic Design Award 2006 (Fireline)
  • As seen on TV – Grand Designs and the Home Show.
  • Have a large and beautiful flame picture.
  • Most models can be set to run on LPG or Natural gas.
  • Burn so cleanly that no filter system is required to clean flue gases.
  • No glass front to obscure the flame.
  • Several fascia options from Steel to Stone
  • Are handmade in the UK at our factory in County Durham.
  • Are given a 100% full function test before leaving the factory.
  • Are delivered by our staff (UK Only)
  • Can be recessed into the wall using the optional wall plate.
  • Have Contemporary and Traditional Designs to suit all tastes.