Flueless Wall Mounted Gas Fires

We specialise in manufacturing wall mounted flueless gas fires with a beautiful open flame – no glass or filters are required with your installation. Our wall mounted gas fires are handmade in the UK at our North East factory and feature unique burner technology. All CVO wall mounted flueless fireplaces have a beautiful open living flame, provide up to 3.5kW of heat, are 100% energy efficient, easy to install and have running costs that are over 70% cheaper than burning wood, electric or bio-ethanol per kw of heat produced. No other wall mounted flueless gas fire looks like, or performs like, a CVO fire. Once you see our fires “live” in our showroom you’ll realise there’s no competition when it comes to choosing a new wall hung flueless gas fire.

Did you know that when replacing a conventional open flame gas fire or balanced flue gas fire with a wall hung flueless gas fire, you can lower your overall gas bills by up to 70%? The annual cost of using a flueless gas fire is around £50/year, compared to an electric fire at £150/year or burning wood at £500/year for the same heat output. It’s no surprise that flueless gas fires are becoming more and more popular in homes around the world!

Don’t make price your main priority – choose the style and reliability of one of our wall mounted flueless gas fires which you’ll love for years to come.

  • Designed with simple lines and easy to install.
  • Two fascia sizes – 840mm or 1110mm wide.
  • Choose from Natural Gas 2.7Kw or 3.5Kw or LPG 3.5Kw.
  • Choose from Satin Black or Stainless Steel Fascia.
  • Open Flame and Highly Polished Mirrored Interior.
  • Many Natural Stone Fascia options.
  • Two fascia sizes – 970mm or 1080mm wide.
  • Choose from Natural Gas 2.7Kw or 3.5Kw or LPG 3.5Kw.
  • Open Flame and Satin Black Interior
  • Many Natural Stone Fascia options.
  • Two fascia sizes – 970mm or 1080mm wide.
  • Choose from Natural Gas 2.7Kw or 3.5Kw or LPG 3.5Kw.
  • Manual Control.
Shown is a picture from a customer’s home showing our award winning flueless gas fire inset into the wall. This was achieved using our special flueless inset system. In this particular instance the customer chose to have the recess plate painted to match the walls in the house.

Choose from our range of traditional fireplace suites which are supplied as a complete set of fire, surround and hearth.

Surrounds are available in stone or wood and all fires incorporate our special open flame flueless gas fire technology.


We pride ourselves on low emissions, no glass front requirements and energy saving technology; our flueless wall mounted gas fires and fireplaces have European Wide CE approval and feature unique award winning gas burner technology, only available on a CVO flueless gas fire. Unlike many other flueless gas fires on the market we don’t use catalytic filters to reduce emissions as our wall hung gas fires burn cleanly without them, so we also don’t need a glass screen. Our wall mounted gas fires were designed to have a beautiful open living flame. Our wall hung fires are far easier to install than wall mounted gas fires with a flue and don’t take up as much space on your wall, another great reason to seriously consider one of our range!


Thank you for viewing our range of award winning wall mounted flueless gas fires. CVO first introduced the gas wall mounted fireplace in 2003 using our own burner technology which makes our fires totally unique in today’s market – no other flueless gas fire looks like or performs like a CVO flueless gas fire. All of our ‘no chimney’ gas fires have a glamorous open flame which is not hidden behind a glass screen. Our open flame flueless gas fires have contemporary styling and are available in a choice of styles. Each design includes different heat settings, with the option to use natural gas or LPG. By ordering a wall mounted gas fireplace, you can benefit from amazing energy efficiency and lower energy bills!


“A Fire with true “WOW” Factor” The Telegraph


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What our Customers Say

“We just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we love our Corona open flamed flueless gas fire. Its a beautiful looking fire of excellent quality. It warms the room up nicely. All the best for 2009” – Alistair Thomas

“Dear All, This is to thank you for providing our home with a product that exceeds all expectations not only in performance but design and quality, to say that we are delighted would be an understatement” – Paul Creasey


Benefits of Buying a CVO Flueless Wall Mounted Gas Fire.

Our flueless wall mounted gas fires are completely clean burning, eco-friendly and 99.9% energy efficient – all without the need for a glass front or catalytic filters! As well as being suitable for both natural gas, LPG, Propane or Calor gas, the minimum suitable room size starts from just 24m³. We design our fires to suit you with heat outputs ranging from 2.4Kw to 3.5Kw. We stock some of the slimmest flueless gas fires on the market, with an almost unnoticeable projection from the wall. With delivery times ranging from 2 – 4 weeks, you can have a brand new CVO wall mounted gas fire installed in your home in no time!

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bio ethanol fireplace


We also have a range of Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol (Gel) Fires

We also have a wide range of wall mounted bio ethanol fireplaces available for properties where there’s no option to install a chimney or a gas supply. These fires burn liquid bio ethanol fuel which is a clean burning environmentally friendly fuel made from plant extracts. The running costs on bioethanol fireplaces are higher than a gas fire, and if it is possible to utilise your gas supply, then a flueless gas fire should be your first choice.



How to Order:

Call our Sales team on 01325-301020 during office hours to buy direct and to discuss the technical specifications and installation requirements.

Visit our Fireplace Showroom to view our wall hung gas fires “live” and to buy fuel.

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What is a wall mounted gas fire?

Our wall mounted fireplaces are simply our flueless range specially designed to be wall mounted onto internal walls. They are designed to operate without glass fronts or filters for aesthetic value.

How efficient are wall mounted gas fires?

All of our wall mounted gas fires burn cleanly and are therefore 99.99% energy efficient. They are also eco-friendly. They can burn natural gas or LPG.

What are the heat outputs of the wall mounted fires?

Our wall mounted gas fires have 3 different options of heat output. You can choose from 2.4kW, 2.7kW or 3.5kW heat outputs in varying designs and styles, with little projection into the room.