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Bio Ethanol Fireplaces & Burners


CVO bioethanol fireplaces add warmth and style to any space in your home. No wires, no electricity, no gas, no fuss!

Having a fireplace that uses bioethanol fuel means that you don’t need electricity, gas or a chimney. It can also be freely moved between inside in winter and outside in summer as you wish. The natural real clean burning flame of the CVO bioethanol fires provide natural warmth and atmosphere to the space they are in, Without any emissions created by wood or gas fireplaces. The wide range of styles and designs mean we have something for everyone to become a great addition to any home.

These fires are non permanent meaning they can be moved around without the need for a chimney or a gas line, Just pour in the liquid fuel and ignite with a lighter to create the real flame. Eco friendly fuel provided by us is made to burn clean without emitting any fumes, smoke or leaving any residue in the burner. Easy to use by just filling the burner tray with fuel and light, Depending on the model the flame can be extinguished by sliding the burner lid closed or putting the lid back on over the flame.


Wall Mounted Bio ethanol Fire

Wall Mounted Bioethanol

Our range of Wall Mounted Flueless Fires have been specially designed for use with Liquid Bio Ethanol Fuel. The range includes a variety of styles which are both contemporary and functional. These Eco-Friendly Bio-Fuel Fires are not only pleasing to the eye but are easy to operate and simple to install.
Freestanding Bio Ethanol Fire

Freestanding Bioethanol

Our range of Free-Standing Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces can be used a a stunning feature attraction in a room, or where possible, installed into an existing fireplace opening. The range includes a selection of flueless grates along with a choice of various geometrically formed flueless fire designs. These fireplaces include the beautiful CVO Firebowl which has been specially adapted to be used as a Flueless Bio-Ethanol Fire.
Outdoor Bio Ethanol Fire

Outdoor Bioethanol

The beauty of our Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces is that some of them can be used as either an indoor fire in the winter or an outdoor fire in the summer giving a cosy atmosphere in both situations. We offer a choice of freestanding fires (see below) which should cater for most tastes. Please note these fires are not suitable to be left outside and exposed to all weather conditions and it is strongly advised that they must be protected. Those fires which are portable should be stored indoors when not in use.
Bio Ethanol Burner Tray

Manual Bioethanol Burner Trays

Our range of Bio-Ethanol burner insert trays and fire boxes are a perfect solution for the bespoke bio-ethanol fireplace. Please note if deciding to use these trays in your own flueless ethanol fire design the final fireplace must be built of a non combustible material in line with national building regulations. Fuel for our bioethanol fireplaces  is available to buy from our site.

Bio Ethanol Fire Bowl

Bioethanol Firebowls

We offer a range of bio-ethanol fire bowls and bio-ethanol fire basket designs for use in existing fireplace openings or as free standing ethanol burners. The CVO bowls are stunning and bring the ‘wow’ factor to any room and are available in stone or hand polished bronze or aluminium.
Wide Bio Ethanol Fires

Wide Bioethanol Fires

A selection of the bio ethanol fireplaces in sizes of 1000mm (1M) or wider for homes which require a long contemporary fire design. The model shown above features 3 burner trays which can be lit together or independently depending on user choice.
Bio Ethanol Ribbon Burner

Fire Ribbon Burners

Our high quality bio ethanol FIRE RIBBON ® BURNER trays are available in 2 sizes – 600mm and 1000mm. These are manufactured from very high grade stainless steel and are supplied with a safety tray. The trays include special matting to stabilize the flame and to increase the burn time.

Remote Bio Ethanol Burner

Remote Burner Trays

Remote Control Bio-Ethanol Burner Trays, these high quality ribbon burner inserts are operated by remote control and have a 240v power supply. These high quality, CE approved remote burners are built to the latest safety standards and are available in 5 sizes from 660mm wide to 1800mm wide. The remote bioethanol burners have heat outputs ranging from 3.8Kw (660) to 12.3Kw (1800).

Bio Ethanol Accessories


Additional parts to include with your bioethanol fireplace purchase. If buying fuel remember to buy the pump as it will make decanting the fuel easier.

Our CVO1000 Fire Ribbon Bioethanol Burner. We supplied this with the standard black steel enclosure. We have many bioethanol fireplace designs from burner trays up to 1850mm wide, remote or manual control, wall mounted fireplaces, built in fireplaces, freestanding fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces.