Free Standing Bioethanol Fires

Our range of freestanding bioethanol fireplaces can be used as a stunning feature attraction in a room, or where possible, installed into an existing fireplace opening. With a range of modern designs, by investing in a freestanding bioethanol fire you can create an unforgettable centrepiece for any room in your home. Our range of bioethanol fireplaces includes a selection of flueless grates along with a choice of various geometrically formed flueless gas fire designs. These freestanding bioethanol fires include our stunning range of bioethanol fire bowls and baskets which has been specially adapted to be used for our biofuel, making for an incredibly easy freestanding solution.

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Our free standing bioethanol fires are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so long as there’s appropriate ventilation. If you’re unsure whether one of our bio options is ideal for you, it’s worth weighing up the advantages of bio ethanol freestanding fires against our traditional gas fires. Featuring the best burner technology on the market and tested to ensure 100% safety, buying a freestanding bio ethanol fireplace is great for traditional and modern homes alike – we’ve created our own unique burner technology to create the highest quality flames at an affordable price, creating an impressive effect and tangible warmth to keep any living space cosy and enjoyable to spend time in!

Why Choose a Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplace?

Choosing a freestanding bioethanol fireplace can be the perfect option for many homes, offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to any living space. Avoiding the hassle and stress of connecting a fire to your gas supply, one of our free standing bioethanol fires can be moved and repositioned as needed, creating a versatile indoor or outdoor fire for any entertaining occasion.

As well as time and stress, you can also save money by choosing a freestanding bioethanol stove, with highly affordable options in our range. This gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from real flames and real heat at a fraction of the cost of other fireplace options. Just buy some of our bio fuel to power your ethanol freestanding fireplace, sit back and enjoy the new focal point to your home!