Calor Gas Fires

All of the Calor gas fires we manufacture are UKCA approved for use with LPG (Calor) gas. This includes our award-winning LPG flueless gas fires which have a beautiful open flame, don’t require a chimney and have 100% energy efficiency to help maximise heat output and save money at the same time. We specialise in designing and manufacturing glamorous Calor gas fires for all installation requirements – flueless gas fires, balanced flue gas fires, power flue gas fires and high efficiency gas fires.

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LPG Gas Bottles

If you require a bottle gas fire for your home to be used with an LPG Tank or Calor Gas Bottles, there’s a propane gas fire design within our range that is bound to suit your requirements. Using LPG for a gas fire, especially when using gas bottles, needs careful planning and we advise calling us to discuss your plans in greater detail. It isn’t as simple as fitting a gas bottle to your Calor gas fire, so get in touch and get some help from the professionals.

Maximum LPG Gas Fire Efficiency

By choosing the perfect Calor gas fire for your home, you can help to save on running costs and get the maximum out of your new bottle gas fire without running out in the heart of winter! There’s no need to guess; give our experts a call to help you choose the perfect LPG gas fire for your home and requirements.  As we manufacture our own gas fires we can give you an unbiased view as to the most cost efficient propane gas fires to use to maximise running costs and reduce installation costs.

Bottle Gas Fire Advice

When connecting an LPG gas fire to gas bottles we advise using a minimum of 2 x 47Kg bottles with a changeover valve as it will last most of the winter season. If you’re not sure which of our Calor gas fires for sale to choose, or have any more questions about the specs or operations of the propane fires, get in touch for some impartial advice from our trained sales consultants.

Calor gas fires have a range of benefits that can’t be found in many other types of fire.  If you’re considering one of our bottle gas fires for your home, get in touch with our experts who will happily discuss your options, and advise you on the best bottle gas fire for you.

See our range of LPG fires which are available for use with LPG or CALOR Gas above or get in touch with your specific requirements.

Calor Gas Fire FAQs

Are Calor gas fires safe?

When installed and maintained according to guidelines, Calor gas fires are perfectly safe and will operate as intended for years or decades to come. We can help advise you when it comes to choosing the correct Calor gas fire for you,  and answer any other questions you might have before purchase.


Are Calor gas fires energy efficient?

The energy efficiency of Calor gas fires depends on the style you select. For example, if you choose a LPG flueless gas fire, you will get 100% energy efficiency. Our experts can talk through the different styles of bottle gas fires that are on offer, and the best options for your individual needs.


Do Calor gas fires require a chimney?

Whether your propane gas fire needs a chimney or flue is dependent on the style you choose. We have flueless gas fire variations that don’t require a chimney, as well as ribbon fires and fire bowls.