Gas Fire Trays – Logs, Pebbles and Remote Control Burners

Our range of high quality gas fire trays have been designed for use in bespoke or custom fireplace designs. The gas burner inserts have a fully sequential remote control and are available for natural gas or LPG with a choice of fireplace logs or pebbles. The gas burner inserts are not designed to be “cheap” – they’re high quality designs which offer exceptional reliability and contemporary looks. Manufactured to a high standard, the gas burner tray is complimented by high quality, realistic, fireplace logs which are manufactured in Holland. The river pebbles are also made to supplement our gas burner trays.

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Our brochures are full of price information, running costs and technical drawings for all of our fires.

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Fire Grate Burners are available in three different widths : 373mm, 506mm, 774mm and 1307mm. All of our gas fires are operated by a fully sequential Mertik Maxitrol remote control system which is adaptable with additional features and is very reliable. Our gas fire tray inserts have been created to provide a beautiful feature fireplace for any traditional or contemporary property. All of the fires shown below require a chimney or flue system and are available for use with Natural Gas or LPG. Call us on 01325-301020 to discuss, you can also download our burner tray brochure directly from the website.

Designing a Bespoke Gas Fire Tray :

The fireplace opening must be designed to allow a clearance of 50mm from the front of the gas fire  burner tray to the front edge of the fireplace canopy or hood. The maximum opening height allowed is 500mm. For a copy of the full installation manual for the burner trays please call 01325-301020.

Outdoor Fireplace Tray :

The burner trays can be upgraded to be used outdoors as part of a bespoke fireplace feature. Call to discuss your options with our friendly team!

Bespoke Gas Fire Tray Design

Need a custom gas fire tray designing? We specialise in designing remote control gas fire trays for clients using our unique range of gas burners. We have over 50 unique gas burners available to choose from, with both gas or bio-ethanol options. This type of gas fire tray design should be considered as an alternative to a standard fireplace, with pros and cons to both options. By choosing a bespoke fireplace tray you will incur costs for special CAD drawings and special manufacturing, and typically this can mean the prices are double a standard fireplace. To discuss your requirements please call 01325-301020 or fill in our online contact form

What is a gas fire tray?

Gas fire trays are designed to create a contemporary look for use with gas or LPG. They are all fully controllable remotely available in different widths.

How much heat do gas fire trays produce?

Our gas fire trays produce between 4.9kW and 10.7kW of heat depending on the design you choose. Look through the options carefully before deciding on a design.

How much clearance do you need for a gas fire tray?

You must leave at least 50mm clearance from the front of the gas fire tray to the front edge of the fireplace hood or canopy. You can have a maximum opening height of 500mm.